Micropigmentation for Women

While micropigmentation for men is used to create the look of a shaved head, the procedure on women is used to reduce the visible difference between the hair colour and the scalp. Finding your hair thinning in areas can be a real confidence dropper.

Our micropigmentation procedures give your hair a fuller look and even fill in the visible areas where the hair appears thinner. This not only increases your confidence, but allows you to do more with your hair without the worry of a visible scalp.


Losing your hair can be a stressful experience. With our hair replacement solutions we can create a hair system that can be fitted and styled from our stock pieces, or we can create a custom made system to suit your exact requirements.

With over 65 colours to choose from, let us take the stress away from you, give you back your hair and you can live your life without worrying about your hair, or undergoing any dramatic surgical procedures.

All our systems are fit in complete privacy, only you will know your secret and you can continue to live life to the full, including showering and taking part in sporting social activities